"Screamin Hey"

Check out this music video reminder to "stay in the moment" by hip-hop, rapper Aaron Young shared with us by our friend Theris Coats: 

More on Aaron Young at


Tis the Season!!

Hope you enjoy our satirical musical gift to you that was written by Jim and performed by his former band Celtic Elvis. (By the way this little ditty went #2 nationally on Dr. Demento when it was released in the…

Check out KRCB's New 91FM!

Jim and I had the pleasure of spending some time with the wonderfully warm folks at KRCB radio in Rhonert Park this past Tuesday.  We were there to be interviewed by Roland Jacopetti for the "Sonoma Spotlight" program in advance…

MetaQuizzcial Mysteries Revealed at Armando's

The MetaQuizzical Cafe served up its mysterious entrees--which included "Plastilla", the "First to go Under", and the "Alien Immigrant Song"--our parody of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" about alien invasion--to a full house at Armando's in Martinez last Sunday afternoon. With…

November Shows

Calling all people who enjoy satire, science, politics--and song-writing subjects--that are intentionally and savagely anti-commercial. If you avoid the main stream like a salmon turning away from a sewage line, then we have a couple of shows for you.


November News Flash

Hi Folks!
We just finished our busiest summer concert season ever--which had our heads spinning like plates on sticks. What a summer! We appreciate all the good folks who worked and attended the shows. Lots of stories to tell on…

Let's Sing about Science!

LET'S "SING ABOUT SCIENCE" A conversation with research scientist Greg Crowther The MetaQuizzical Radio Show June 6, 2012
About Greg Crowther Biography Greg Crowther received his B.A. in Biology from Williams College and his Ph.D. in Physiology & Biophysics from…

5/16/12 Show Log--A Conversation with Genevieve Conaty

Conversations at the Intersection of Science, Philosophy and Art with special guest, singer-songwriter Genevieve Conaty
BIO: Genevieve Conaty is an American songwriter and performer who recently moved to San Francisco after 10 years in London. She has studied singing with…

5/9/12 Show Log--"Sealed with a Kiss"

The MetaQuizzical Radio Show -- May 9, 2012 Peeling back the layers of the endless onion whether it makes you laugh or makes you cry
Sealed with a Kiss--Dating in the Internet Age ·         The science and technology of the…

5/2/12 Show Log--Introducing Shrink Rap

The MetaQuizzical Radio Show -- May 2, 2012 Peeling back the layers of the endless onion whether it makes you laugh or makes you cry  
INTRODUCING "SHRINK RAP" Conversations at the Intersection psychology, philosophy & science ·         This is a…

4/25/12 Show Log--MQ Poetry Re-Reloaded (Humor)

THE METAQUIZZICAL CAFE RADIO SHOW Poetry for the MetaQuizzical Re-Reloaded -- April 25, 2012 Focus on Humor    MQC Theme Song (3:30) Song: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by William Shatner (2:58) Song: "Hard to be Real" by Jim Ocean…