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Said the Dark to the Light

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Inspired by the "dark matter" problem whereby most of the universe's apparent mass is invisible. This song gives dark matter a voice as if it were singing to the luminous visible universe, who it longs to be seen by. A 'Beauty and the Beast' tale as we slowly look into the darkness to see what it really is.


Said the Dark to the Light
by Jim Ocean ©2011

I will hold, I will keep you
I have made you a home
Galaxies to enfold you
You won’t be alone

I will hold us together
I’ll keep you in sight
Shelter you from the weather
Said the dark to the light

I was there in the beginning
I was there at the birth
When the stars started singing
I heard your Sun and your Earth

You’re the snow on my mountain
And you shine so bright
Like a sail on a black sea
Said the dark to the light

Open your mind to me
And you’ll see I’ve always been there
I know that you can’t see me
But I’m everywhere
I’m everywhere…

I’ve been waiting to meet you
Like a long lost friend
I’ve been wanting to feel you
Coming close in the end

‘Cause we live in a story
With so much to write
Someday soon you will know me
Said the dark to the light
Said the dark to the light
Said the dark to the light
We are woven together
We are woven together….