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From atoms to galaxies, from rivers to blood vessels, "Macro to Micro" explores the beautiful patterns of our existence. A majestic, uplifting pop piece with hints of Bruce Hornsby.


Macro to Micro
© 2011 Jim Ocean

We are small
The smallest thing

You’ve ever seen
We are small
Our reality may be fantasy

We are vast as space
Bigger than the Milky Way
We can grow so wide
There’s a universe inside
I know…

Macro to Micro
Micro to Macro and
Macro to Micro again
Small as the atom
Large as the universe
Macro to Micro again

We are young
Younger than a baby born yesterday
We are young
We can barely form words to say

We are old
We’ve been around a long, long time
Old as dirt
Older than the stars that shine…

(repeat chorus)

Feel your blood
Flowing through the rivers in your arms
Feel your love
Flowing on forever to the stars

We are tall
Taller than the tallest tale
You’d fabricate
We are tall
The stories in our DNA

We are short
Our melodies don’t last that long
Short and sweet
Singing in an endless song

(repeat chorus)