1. She's So Cold

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She's So Cold

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A lively number with a driving rhythm section that posits that it might be best to let Lady Antarctica continue her long, cold slumber.


She’s So Cold
By Jim Ocean

Forty Five million years
She has turned a cold shoulder to the sun
And her tears
Were the things that trapped old Shackleton

In the ice her embrace
Is a frozen kind of yearning
She’s a dangerous place
But she keeps this world from burning

She’s so cold…

She is not fond of changes
She has swallowed whole mountain ranges
Two miles deep
It’s best if you just let her sleep

She’s the kind of a woman
Better run for cover when she’s warmin’
Leave her alone
She is made of ice and stone

She’s so cold…

She’s a beast
She’s a demon
She’s the coldest kind of dreamin’

She is white
She is blue
She’s the fairy tale that scares you

Like the ice in your freezer
Don’t chip her off
Don’t even tease her
Look in her eyes
And she’ll turn your world to ice

She’s so cold…