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Fear Has a Crush on Love

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This song is a fable describing love and fear as actual characters involved in a long and complicated relationship. Love teases fear along. Fear chases love until he is transformed, unwittingly, into courage in the end. This barn-stormer of a song was recorded in Nashville, TN featuring the great players of the Grand Ol’ Opry , Kerry Marx, John Gardner, Bob Patin, Byron House, and talented vocalists Randy Anger and Sarah Reynolds of N.CA. It’s a long story how we got to Nashville…I’ll tell it to you sometime.


FEAR AND LOVE by Jim Ocean

Fear has a crush on love
She’s been inside his blood
Ever since he saw her
But Love just teases Fear along
Singing out a song
She knows will drive him crazy
Yea, Fear; he’s got it bad for Love
But Love just teases him along.

Love is staring at the sky
She gets so hypnotized
She’s so beguiled by weather
But Fear, he thinks that it’s not fair
To see her flirting with the wind
It’s more than he can bear
But Love keeps staring at the sky
And Fear, he’s such a jealous guy

Love is drawn to passion
And when he swoops down from his dark cloud
She rides him into danger
Fear stares at the clouds
He knows the Wind’s such a fickle lover
And with this thought, he says out loud
I’ve got to save her!

At that moment he was brave
At that moment he knew he had to save her
He flew right into the heart of the darkest cloud
At that moment he was furious
Risking everything he was feeling curious
He flew right into the heart of the darkest cloud

Then he thought he heard a sound
Yes, he thought he heard her calling
When the wind threw her down
That’s when he caught her falling…

Then Love looked into his eyes
Seeing his surprise that she wasn’t leaving
He said,
Hey, why don’t you turn away?”
She said, “You’re not Fear today…
And I always give my heart to Courage…”
Yea, Fear; he’s got it bad for Love
And Love, she just teases Fear along