1. Dark Matter
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Dark Matter

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An astronomer, a physicist, and a biologist ponder the mysteries of the unknown in the midst of their daily routines. Music is mysterious with a middle-eastern feel, and some unusual instrumentation.


DARK MATTER by Jim Ocean

Astronomers lay awake in their beds at night
The thought in their heads there’s more dark matter than light
They stare through their ceilings as they drift off to sleep
Dreaming of dark invisible things in the deep

Stretching out in the night
With the universe, there in sight
Grab a star, hold on tight

Physicists try, they try hard to be cool
About all those things that they learned back in school
Like no matter what you might think of this place
Love it or hate it, it’s just all empty space…

Sinking down in your skin
There’s a universe there within
And where you end, you begin

Biologists act so detached, so blasé
Dissecting a heart is just so passé
But where did the love go that was deep in the vein?
Did it leave in the air? Will it return through the rain?

Flowing out through your blood
Sinking down in the mud
Life is meant to be loved…