1. Rayon
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One man's celebration of his low maintenance girl


© Jim Ocean

Fake milk
Fake coffee
Real sun
Rising over a real world
Fake Silk
Layin’ on me
Rayon, baby, you’re my girl

I don’t need no fancy pedigree
She would only laugh at me
All I want is something nice
But what I’ve got is paradise
At half the price

Fake hair
Fake lashes
Real looks
With real intentions
Fake silk
My passion
Rayon, you feel so bare

You fashion models sure look fine
But you would never take the time
To wrap around a guy like me
Like rayon does so tenderly
She can hang on me.

I can’t abide a high price girl
She sneers at me when she shakes her curls
But rayon always makes me smile
‘Cause what she does just drives me wild
She’s so versatile

Fake wood
Fake fire
Real flames
Baby don’t you know it
Fake silk
My desire
Rayon, you feel so good
I said, Rayon, you feel so good
I said, Rayon, you feel so damn good