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America is Only as Good as Your Next Door Neighbor

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A commentary on life in America


America Is Only As Good As Your Next Door Neighbor
copyright 2002 Jim Ocean

Mrs. Adrianowitz has dogs the size of cars

They shit all over everything, and bark at any hour

She treats them just like royalty; puts steak inside their mouths

And criticism only comes as far as you can shout

Chorus: America is only as good as your next door neighbor

Jessee is a dealer; he lives across the street

He sells to all the high school kids, but tries to stay discreet

I've tried to tell the cops sometimes, but they don't have the will

And when my house gets burglarized it makes me want to KILL!

Repeat Chorus: 2X

Bridge: The sign in the window says they're moving away

The children are crying 'cause they're leaving today

She gets the Lexus. He gets the truck. Their house looks so empty here on the block

And all of us were watching. Our eyes were hidden safe behind the door

Yes all of us were watching. We've seen this scene a hundred times before

The Johnson's own a duplex; they live just down the road

They've been here since the 40's; they've watched us come and go

They've seen us with our children; they've watched us thru divorce

I wonder what they think sometimes, when they look outside the door

Repeat Chorus: 2X


I'm gonna get that door

I'm gonna get that door

I'm gonna get that door

I'm gonna get that door neighbor!