1. Aly Marie
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Aly Marie

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A song written for my step-daughter as she crested adolescence. We had moved from the suburbs to the redwood coast, and her rebellious, mixed response to our new rural lifestyle is wistfully described in this song. She knew she was surrounded by things of great beauty, but couldn’t take it all in. Ambivalence is written large in teenagers, but exists in all of us.


ALY MARIE by Jim Ocean

Aly Marie…
Doesn’t like the ocean
It’s far to bright and wide
And there’s no place she can hide

Aly Marie…
Loves to light a fire
On the beach at night
With the fire in her eyes
The eyes of a dreamer

Bridge: She’s a dreamer…

Aly Marie…
Doesn’t like a rainbow
To interrupt a storm
She doesn’t need it warm

Aly Marie…
Loves a cloudy sky
The thunder and the light
And the sound of rain at night
She has the sight
Of a dreamer

Bridge: With the rain falling down

Aly Marie…
Has a fear of flying…
But that won’t stop her trying
To see the world
She’s a curious girl
But most of all
She’s a dreamer…

Oh yes she is…
So much of life ahead