1. FrankenClime


FrankenClime by Jim and Kathy Ocean
© 2012

He’s a Hurricane
A Big Black Cloud
A Fire Tornado
Burnin’ up the ground
He’ll blow down your house
He’ll tear up the levee
He’s a real bad ass
He’s FrankenHeavy!

He’s the perfect storm
Doin’ crime
His name is Frank
He’ll flood your town
Melt your ice
He’s got a real hot future for you
In his eyes.

FrankenClime, FrankenClime
He’s performin’
He’s Frankenstormin!
You filled your tank
You take the ride
But you can’t hide from Frank!

He’s a high, dry wind
A real low pressure
A 100 degrees goin’ on forever
I got meteorological phobias
I’m packin’ my bags for Canada

FrankenClime, FrankenClime
You can’t deny it
It’s FrankenClimate
You say no way
You say no thanks
But don’t deny it’s Frank!

It’s FrankenCold!
It’s FrankenHot!
It’s FrankenWindy!
And we’re FrankenCaught!
When you hear the sound
Of poundin’ hail
You better buy some plywood and
Pound some nails!

FrankenClime, FrankenClime
What’s more frightenin than FrankenLightnin’!
Try to ride around his flank
But you can’t hide from …

FrankenClime, FrankenClime
We’re all bound to live underground
But you can’t run forever
From FrankenWeather!
No…. you can’t hide from Frank (x3)