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MetaQuizzical Cafe

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The MetaQuizzical Café

Welcome in…sit down
This is the strangest gig in town
I know you’ve come to have some fun for awhile
Check out the waiter dressed in gray
He’s an alien they say
You’ve stumbled in the MetaQuizzical Café.

Try the Holographic Bar
The drinks are so bizarre
Fizz your brain with Mars Champagne
It’ll make you smile
This place’ll take your breath away
Better rent a space suit for your stay
While you’re sitting in the MetaQuizzical Café.

The chef is serving, always stirring
Churning up new versions of reality… and fantasy
His Endless Onion Soup is timeless
His Quantum Pie will drive you mindless
You should see his recipe… for eternity…ummm very tasty!

So come on in… relax
It’s time to digest truth and facts
Enjoy the food, but don’t forget to chew for a long, long while
And when the music starts to play
Better watch the worm holes on the way
While you’re sitting in the MetaQuizzical Café.