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Golden Age World: A message about respect and gratitude for Grandmother Earth as we come to understand, that in life-giving years, she’s the equivalent of 75 years old. (An Earth Waltz.)


Golden Age World
© 3/12 jim ocean

Oh the Earth is a beautiful woman
About seventy-five in human years and
She looks at the sky
With blue-green eyes
Yes the Earth is a beautiful Golden Age World

Oh the Earth is a dutiful mother and
She loves with a fierce magnetic heart
And through fire and nice
She’s sure made things nice
Yes the Earth is a powerful Golden Age World

She mothers us
And suffers us
And wonders as we grow
We’ll leave someday
To someplace far away
But until that day I know
That I want to stay..cause…

The Earth is a mutable woman
And we’re only beginning to know who she is
Such a beautiful face
To look at from space
Yes the Earth is a beautiful, so unforgettable, completely unbelievable
Golden Age World.