Music for the MetaQuizzical

Smart musical wanderings through the comedies and tragedies of the human experience. Nick Drake meets the Beatles meets Nietzsche with a solar flashlight and a GPS

An eclectic, fresh and edgy writer, Jim writes and performs in many styles with content ranging from the humorous to the serious to the spiritual, sometimes weaving all three seamlessly within one song.

With tunes that are thought provoking, humorous and wise, the Ocean's music is custom-made for those with a sense of curiosity, who appreciate perspectives that are original, surprising and sometimes quirky and irreverent. It's especially for those who like their art to make them think, feel, laugh and reflect.

They call it "Music for the MetaQuizzical".

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What others say about Jim's ballads:

Ocean’s music transcends category, transporting his audience through an entertaining and poignant range of emotions related to being human in the modern world.” – K Dupler, Concert Producer

"His songs pack an emotional wallop..."
–Joseph Chilton Pearce, Author of “Magical Child”, “Evolution’s End” and “Crack in the Cosmic Egg”


What others say about Jim's satire:

…Some of the best satirical songs you’re likely to hear.” – Dirty Linen

Ocean consistently skewers modern life in the USA. The songs are smart, as well as clever, but avoid the novelty stance of going for cheap laughs. Instead, they get under the skin of contemporary facades and relationships. Music for our times.
– Garth Johnson, Victory Music Review, Seattle

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