Hard To Be Real (1997)

Hard To Be Real is a CD by the third incarnation of my musical satire band Celtic Elvis which was recorded live at Strings—an invitation-only acoustic music salon in the East Bay near Berkeley. It features Jim Ocean (vocals, primary songwriter and lead guitarist), Randy Anger (guitar and lead vocals), Barbara Griesau (vocals), Cecelia Pierotti (violin), and Rich Wescott on (vocals and bass).

The CD is mostly all satirical—some of it darkly so. Songs like 'Help Me, Help Me I think I’m Turning into My Wife' dive deep into social and interpersonal satire. Another song 'Male Pattern Numbness' delves into the place men go when they can’t handle commitment. 'Singing in the Acid Rain' discusses the glossing over of actual reality as we cope with environmental degradation.

Four part harmonies run all throughout the album with minimal instrumentation giving it a definite 'folk' feel.  Because the CD was recorded live, it has the energy provided by a listening audience.

Many thanks to Joey Lent, the producer of Strings music salon and to Paul Tumolo who recorded the event live.

Many of these tunes will be available as part of Jim Ocean’s upcoming double-album "Sarcology" project, due to be released in the summer of 2010.
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