We're Jim & Kathy Ocean--musicians, concert producers and cultural activists experienced at shaping vibrant live music scenes that celebrate community and bring people together. 

Together, we own and operate
OCEANWORKS PRODUCTIONS where we specialize in producing events and concert series for cities, colleges and nonprofits.  
(Check out our concert scene at http://www.communityconcerts.com.)
As singer-songwriters, we write and perform a style of music we call "thought rock", which can be described as "fresh musical wanderings through the comedies and tragedies of the human experience". Think Nick Drake meets the Beatles meets Nietzsche holding a solar flashlight and a GPS. We call it "Music for the MetaQuizzical".
(More at http://www.jimoceanmusic.com)
In addition to performing assorted club gigs and house concerts--including a special house concert program for home school families--we produce/perform several other unique programs. 

ASTRONAUT LULLABIES is an immersive live concert planetarium experience--a poetry of sight and sound--that features our original collection of astronomical and cosmological "space music" choreographed to a live planetarium star show.
(More at http://jimoceanmusic.com/astronaut-lullabies)


The METAQUIZZICAL CAFE is a musical science and philosophy salon.  Each themed show is a tasty stew of music, science news and special guest interviews that mines the curious boundary between science, art, fact and fantasy.
(More information at http://jimoceanmusic.com/metaquizzical-cafe
(The MetaQuizzical Cafe also exists as a blog.  See http://www.metaquizzicalcafe.com)

We support our musical endeavors with our vacation rental business, RIVERSEA GETAWAYS

Our rustic, off-the-beaten-path accommodations in California's Russian River resort area and Sierra Foothills (near Nevada City) are an antidote to "Nature Deficit Disorder" and are ready made for folks to "Relax, Explore and Recharge".   (More on that at http://www.riverseagetaways.com)